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Dog Walking - Back Injury

Chiropractic Riverton - Dog Walking Injury

“My dog pulled on the leash and I hurt my back!”

I’ve heard this many times in practice, at times like this I wonder – Are you walking your dog? Or is your dog walking you!

The Riverton Chiropractic Centre is central to Perth riverside suburbs of Riverton, Willetton, Rossmoyne, Shelley, Parkwood, Lynwood, Ferndale, Brentwood, Canning Vale, Wilson, Queens Park and Langford where there are many dogs and owners enjoying the beautiful riverside region paths and parks at all hours of the day. Many other dogs and owners also walk the Riverton footpaths and grass verges for their daily exercise.

Most dogs enjoy their walk and their owners want to see them do so. Discipline is often loose as the dog is allowed to range and investigate different smells.

Riverton Chiropractor - Dog Walking Cartoon

As it is not often appropriate to let your dog off the leash in the suburbs, most dogs are leashed to their owners whilst walking. When an interesting smell suddenly distracts the dog, they can stop unexpectedly or run off to the side unexpectedly; causing the holder of the leash to be unexpectedly pulled and the spine twist frequently resulting in back and nerve injury.

My advice is almost always to require my patients to focus on their dogs movements and anticipate sudden movements; else spine and nerve injury can ruin an otherwise great day.

Recently a patient showed me a new leash that helps reduce the incidence of dog walking injuries requiring Chiropractic care as it attaches temporarily to a waist belt, it can be quickly pulled free to actively control the dog when needed.

This appears to be a great idea and I have attached further details for anyone with this type of problem.

The ‘Active Walker Belt & Lead Set’ is available from several internet sources and prices vary a little however the overall price is not expensive.

Riverton Chiropractor - Active Dog Walking Belt

As at the time of writing this note, I was able to locate several internet suppliers such as:

Product Description

  • Finally a lead that enables both of you to get an unencumbered "work out".

  • Run or walk hands free with your dog and maintain your natural exercising rhythm.

  • The belt has Velcro fastening ensuring a snug fit and a quick release mechanism - simply grab the handle and the belt comes away easily while still maintaining control of your dog.

  • One size fits all - the belt is fully adjustable & the lead adjusts from 0.75m to 1.5m.

  • There is a replacement lead for our Active Walker if you ever need a spare. Or, clip two leads to the one belt for walking two dogs at a time.

  • With both hands full of shopping you can still walk the dog!

The Active Walker is a dog lead that attaches to the belt worn by the person walking the dog. The belt has a hook & loop fastening with a quick release handle. The belt and the lead are adjustable. One size fits all.

If you have any suggestions to help avoid dog walking injuries, please let me know at

Riverton Chiropractic  - Dog Walking Injury

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