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Your Chiropractic Consultations

Your Checkup at the Riverton Chiropractic provides you with information on your case so you can make an informed decision

What to Expect

- Relief

- Improvement

- Corrective Care

During your visit at the Riverton Chiropractic centre, the chiropractor will review and discuss with you your complaint in detail, and in some instances it may have been necessary for further investigation.

The consulting chiropractor may have referred you for x-rays, which will involve reporting back to you all of the findings from the examination, the history, the radiographs and any other pertinent information that was uncovered in the first visit.

The chiropractor will make every effort to explain to you what they have found.  What this will mean is: possible courses of action and what treatment will give you the outcome that you desire.


When people present themselves at the Riverton Chiropractic they have one goal in mind: relief.  So this is where we start!  The chiropractor focuses on getting rid of your ailment in the shortest time possible, thoroughly exploring and explaining the cause of the problem and allowing improvement to be measured accurately and objectively.


Chiropractors aim to improve your spine, re-examining through all the weaknesses that your spine showed in your initial consultation and measuring the improvement in these weaknesses.  This is where the Riverton Chiropractor starts to see improvements which are deeper than just relief.


Corrective Care

Corrective care is aimed at seeing demonstrable changes in your spine.  This is, making your spine look more like it should!


Your body, your health and your future are in the finest of hands at the Riverton Chiropractic.  Our job is to offer you the finest chiropractic care possible and it's up to you to decide how you would like to proceed.

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