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Do You Treat Muscular Pain Tightness Tension?


Riverton Chiropractor Lower Back and Neck Muscle Tightness

The muscles have a job to do and a large part of that is to protect you from further damage, so when you have a spinal problem it is normal for the muscles to overtighten, or even spasm to protect you - so often what patients feel is the muscle tightness and pain without realising that the problem is not what they feel but deeper.

After an examination and possible xray evaluation your chiropractor will be able to advise why you feel that "muscle pain" and what the recommended approach to resolving it is.

- Absolutely - our goal is to inform you about your problem and your options to resolve it - so you know what to do and why.

If you are feeling "muscle pain" - phone 08 9354 7000 - to make an appointment where you will be greeted by our friendly staff who will always welcome you with a smile.


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