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Medicare and Chiropractic

Medicare Allied Health Rebate for Chiropractic care

Can I Get A Medicare Rebate?


Your local GP will discuss your eligibility for the Medicare rebate covering chiropractic treatment.


If you suffer from a chronic condition (or have complex care needs) that requires care, you may be eligible to receive up to five visits per calendar year for an Allied Health modality, such as chiropractic.


​What Do I Need To Do?


Visit your local GP to discuss your health concern.


If you feel chiropractic care will benefit you, your GP may place you on an Enhanced Primary Care (EPC) plan.


Riverton Chiropractic accepts these plans.


It is your GP that decides if an EPC Medicare rebate is appropriate in your case.


Do I Have to Pay Anything?   No!

Five full chiropractic sessions through the EPC Medicare rebate are completely paid for.


Riverton Chiropractic accepts these plans.


After your five visits, you may choose to continue your care at standard clinic fees.


What About Private Health Insurance For Chiropractic?


You may use either an EPC Medicare rebate or your private health insurance: you can’t use both at the same time.


On completion of your EPC rebates, Private Health Insurance is welcome.


Does Medicare Cover X-Rays?  No.


Riverton Chiropractic or a radiology provider may be able to bulk bill these for you, if required.  Speak with one of our staff on this.


Consult Our Clinic Today


Riverton Chiropractic is not responsible for the amount reimbursed by Medicare. This is a matter between yourself, Medicare and your GP.


If you suffer from a chronic health condition, treatment with Dr Warren is only a phone call away.


Ask your GP about an EPC Medicare Rebate for treatment at Riverton Chiropractic.


Of course, you are welcome to consult our clinic to begin chiropractic care, with or without an EPC plan, at any time.


Please phone (08) 9354 7000 or email us below to book.

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