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Western Diagnostic

Riverton Chiropractic Centre - it's what sets us apart from other chiropractic centres.

We're continuing our services into the wants and needs of what we do to make our patient's experience that much better.

Accessibility to Requirements

From the list of sites open, you phone around looking for a Pathology Centre to be open - no response!

Or you get the answer service, open at 8.00am Monday until 4.00pm.

How Would You Feel!

You'd be scratching your head over it and quite frankly, probably wouldn't bother going to that clinic.

What We Do!

Why Are We So Different?

Needing a blood test, drug & alcohol test, we are here for you!

As you have read by now, Riverton Chiropractic has built to bridge the gap that exists between medical practitioners and their patients.  We asked ourselves what would be the key things that inconvenienced patients the most.

Riverton Chiropractic then decided to solve those problems, rather than "sweeping them under the rug".

Western Diagnostics Pathology and Riverton Chiropractic will always go the extra mile to ensure not only our patients, but the wider community can be seen when it matters most.

Hours of Work

Monday to Friday: 8.00am to 4.00pm

Saturday Morning: 8.00am to 12 midday

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